Letter From The Editor

Dear Readers,

To every student at St. John’s University reading this sentence:  I applaud you. You’ve completed the first thing that this new section is supposed to accomplish, which is grabbing your attention. NOW, don’t stop here. The second thing that this section is supposed to do is make you want to be a part of it! For those of you who aren’t aware, this fabulous Opinion section is a brand new addition to the Torch, of which I have proudly taken the position of developing. I have visions of it becoming one of the more popular and attractive ones of the Torch. It will allow the students – that’s you, the people who keep this campus thriving- to speak your minds.

I want this to be the beginning of something great, but I can’t get the ball rolling without you. I know you all have opinions. Everyday, I hear something new coming from either friends or strangers about what they believe the flaws and triumphs of this campus are. Like I said, this is a new section. The new editorial board and I are pushing to create something that will allow you to express yourselves freely. Want to write about an awesome new restaurant you visited in Manhattan this weekend? Go ahead. Want to write about Greek life, or residence life and what you think about it? Write it down. Want to talk about the most recent thing in the news and how it makes you feel? Lay it on me! Chances are, you aren’t the only one thinking and feeling those things.

I hope that over time, whether or not it is during mine at the Torch, this section grows to be one of the primary outlets for students. I promise to make it the best and most effective that it can be. I hope that you join me in this mission to become the voice of St. John’s University.

Thank you.


Alexa Vagelatos

Opinion Editor