Five reasons why having a dog in your life is awesome

Let’s take a moment for the cat lovers out there—they are missing out on the great experience of having a dog in their life.

Dogs are truly man’s best friend. They’ll support us when we do something wrong, and the greatest moment of their day is when us humans come home from work or school and open the door. The unconditional love they provide is unmatched.  If you are a cat person, I am not saying that you are wrong… but can a cat really do the five things listed below?  I highly doubt it.

Here are five reasons why you need a dog in your life:

1)     Dogs are the cheapest and most efficient security system. – Dogs have an incredible hearing range. According to Dr. Bruce Fogel, dogs have a range of 40kHz, which is double the range of humans.  Many dogs can hear what is going on a block over from their home, so if your dog hears a noise and reacts to it, it’s a warning for danger within the range.

2)     Dogs are like your children, minus the embarrassing tantrums and smelly diapers. – Before deciding whether or not to have a child, young adults in relationships (or single) should first get a dog.  It will teach you the basic responsibilities of having to care for someone else.  Also, if a woman does not want to have children or cannot have children, a dog is a great substitute.

3)     Dogs will keep your bed nice and warm. – Everyone knows how bone-chilling the temperatures get in the New York winter here.  While it is not the most ideal to share your bed and blankets with a dog, they will help keep you warm.  Also, if your dog is not a snorer, even better!

4)     Dogs are always excited to see you when you walk through the door. – After a bad day, most people do not want to talk to anyone.  But it is hard to stay upset when you know there is a smiling dog with tail wagging in excitement on the other side of the front door.  Your dog is not going to be needy like the mean humans you had to deal with all day; all they want is a walk around the block and perhaps a stick or ball to catch and chew on.

5)     Dogs love their human family unconditionally. – Relationships come and go, but a dog will be your best friend for life.  Even if someone else lets you down or you become discouraged about things in your life, a dog will always be there to lend you a helping paw to get through your depression.  Every human goes through ups and down in friendships or relationships, but with a dog, the only down there will be is when you catch them eating your leftovers out of the garbage.