Tim Cook continues to inspire

Last Thursday was just like any other day. The first thing I did after waking up was look and check the news with the help of my smartphone as I laid in bed.

The first article that I read that morning was that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook had come out and confessed that he is homosexual. My first thought was, “So what? So what if he is gay?” I was initially confused at how his sexual orientation is something that should be newsworthy. But slowly as I thought more about it, the reason dawned on me.

Tim Cook has the power to make all of the biggest decisions as he leads one of America’s top five companies. For him to come out in public and say that he is “Proud of it,” makes a big difference to thousands. Many people who are homosexual can relate to Cook, and get motivated to accept their sexual preference. Personally, I don’t think anything is wrong with it.

That very evening, after the news had been out for a couple of hours, I drank some hot chocolate with a good friend of mine. He doesn’t wish to be named, but went on to say, “Abhi, don’t judge me, but I think I am gay.”

And again, I thought, “So what?” I simply nodded and said that it was great that he was being honest. In the end, being honest to yourself is the best thing anyone can do. And the reason why he probably kept the fact hidden was because he was mentally unsure about how I would react to it. This is also the problem with many others, who hesitate to accept the fact that they are gay and hide it to avoid the overreaction that is generated at times.

After that, I asked him about why he chose to finally come out to me, and he said, “Well, if Tim Cook can, then I can too.” With that being said, I was at a loss of words as to how one man’s actions can serve as a motivation for many others.

Actor Neil Patrick Harris, who has achieved raising a family with his beau David Burtka, has been promoting the rights of homosexuality and inspiring many others having a rough time figuring their way out. A similar case exists with actress Raven Symone.

Even Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin has said that “Tim Cook’s announcement today will save countless lives.”

What happens to be interesting is the fact that being either gay or lesbian is not illegal. It is a matter of preference, a choice that everyone is entitled to make. What happens is that people fear what others, in our current society, will think of them Their very image comes with a risk. And who would like to be spoken about in a bad way? As a result, people decide to hide their sexuality, which in the end is something to embrace. The reason my friend doesn’t wish to be named is because he is afraid he might lose his friends.

But hold up, whatever makes you happy is what is important. So if you feel like telling someone about your sexual preference is important, then go ahead and say it. Be proud of who you are and what you wish to do.