“From mix CD’s and mix emotions…”

Stephanie Aliaga, Contributing Writer

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I am from stomping on crisp autumn leaves on the sidewalk to home,

(Crunch, crunch, crunch)

I am from a whiff of a cold winter morning

From burning wood at bonfires and chimneys that linger on my thin hair


I am from singing birds in early spring

To summer road trips and long daydreaming,

With alternative music playing in the background


I am still from hidden journals and beat-up sketchbooks,

From mix CDs and mix emotions,

Classic literature books, piano sheets, and hand written letters


I am from broken hearts and teen angst

It has made me want to burn old photographs and shred melancholy poems

Though I must not feel afraid of where I have come from

I am an exceptional fragment of my past


Inspired by George Ella Lyons’s “Where I’m From”