Run Bernie Run

Angel Vera, Staff Writer

Just this past week, Hillary Clinton announced what everyone has already known for the past year–that she was running for president. This caused the minds of Democrats and moderates to explode in utter excitement while progressives and staunch liberals let out a mere “meh.”

Why the lack of excitement from the Democrat’s more extreme part of the base one may ask? The answer is simple: they want someone like Bernie Sanders (I-VT), an Independent progressive and self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist, who is ready to fight the billionaire class and not pander to it.

While Hillary Clinton was teasing about running and causing headlines about eating at Chipotle, which to me is unforgivable, Sanders has been busy creating an agenda and a platform of progressive ideals. Such ideas include stopping the Trans-Pacific Partnership, of which is molded from the North American Free Trade Agreement that Bill Clinton passed while in office, and making statements at American University that Public Higher Education free and allowing loans to be refinanced.

In an interview on MSNBC Thomas Roberts asked, “What is Hillary Clinton campaigning on?” This is not only a valid question, but a very scary one as well. Why is there so much popularity and excitement over someone who has yet to form an agenda or make claims about what she wants done if elected?

Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, in his budget haring, has called for an overturn of Citizens United to get money out of politics, which is making the American political system one of wealth and power and less about working for the American people. He has also discussed creating a “Millionaire Tax” to fund U.S military operations instead of having that money come from our working class taxes. Bernie Sanders is very vocal about his positions and stern about fighting inequality in the United States and bringing down the oligarchy. Records and statements speak for themselves and that’s why I am not alone when claiming that Hillary Clinton has nothing to be excited for.