Bern Notice: The New Face of the Middle Class Struggle

Angel Vera, Staff Writer

 In recent election cycles, candidates that have significant support are ignored by major media outlets, notably Ron Paul in 2012 and now Bernie Sanders for 2016. Naturally, there are candidates facing discrimination in the media. But, without major headlines for ratings the media doesn’t thoroughly give each major candidate their fair airtime.

However, what is different about this election cycle is that Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), despite a lack of media coverage compared to Donald Trump (R) or Hillary Clinton (D), is making a significant and populous splash. He is becoming a hit, not just on social media as one of the most talked about candidates, but amongst average middle class Americans.

A new voice has emerged on the left that is drawing crowds such as 27,500 in Los Angeles, 11,000 in Phoenix and 28,000 in Oregon, according to polls collected by Ed O’Keefe of the Washington Post. At first, it is hard to comprehend why such a popular candidate can be ignored and even belittled. Nonetheless, the reason is clear: the elites and powers that be are scared someone has come along that can actually make a difference.

Bernie Sanders has ignited a fuse amongst moderates, progressives and social democrats that find hope in a Democratic candidate that isn’t bought by special interests and has the biggest grassroots support in the country. Many can finally feel as if they actually have a choice from what is usually concocted by the two-party system. Amongst youth, the feeling that one can make a difference is huge. It brings people to the voting booths and encourages Americans to vote, which is what a candidate needs to have a shoe in this primary and election season.

Senator Sanders has made it very clear that he is going after Wall Street, even going as far as calling out specific CEOs and tackling our crumbling infrastructure. He’s dedicated to reducing student loan debt so as to make public higher education free. He’s a firm supporter of a universal single payer health care system and has taken civil rights and social economic issues head on.

Even if the odds may still not be exactly in his favor, according to Nate Silver’s “Fivethirtyeight” analysis, he is definitely doing his job, which is pushing the Democratic Party front-runner Hillary Clinton and the rest of the pack on the left to talk about what is actually important. This country is definitely “feeling the Bern,” and it’s not just global warming.