Life, our very own novel

Livia Paula, Features Editor

I was looking over some of my old books the other day while cleaning my closet. As I sat down, I experienced flashbacks while reading each story and each ending. I automatically connected some of the books I had read with situations that I know have happened not only to me, but also to others.

Nearly everyone has a favorite book. We reread these favorite books from time to time just to relive in our heads the moments that they triggered. Sometimes, when a book is really complicated, we read it over again to have a better understanding, or to try to change our perspective on it.

It’s the same idea with movies: we watch them again because we love them. As a result, we pay attention to something we may not have understood the first time we watched it.

I believe things work the same way in life. We analyze situations over and over again to either understand them or to try to create an alternative end to a chapter of our lives that didn’t finish the way we wanted it to.

How many of us have picked our brains over a certain situation that happened, come up with a bunch of “what if’s” and still got upset?

It’s frustrating to not understand the ‘novel’ that is life. Sometimes it gets to the point where we get a marker and highlight the important things, the main ideas and the details. We look for imagery or anything that will help solve our confusion.

But then we end up with our pages all colored and filled up with post-its on “why,” “where,” “who” and “when.” Maybe that helps us out. Or, perhaps it’s just a waste of time to try and solve what has already passed. Highlighters and post-its can just delay us from flipping the page.  

It’s sad that many people don’t really care if we’re losing time on things that aren’t worth it. We say we care; but, most of the time, we don’t do anything to change that. We just love the drama, even when we say otherwise.

Maybe we need to understand some things to be able to move on with life, or maybe we just need to suck it up, whatever “it” may be, and move along. Trying to fix everything might give us the sensation of walking in a river against the direction of the water to get something that fell back there. Some things are better off left alone.  

Besides, if the chapter was too complicated and we really can’t get the hang of it, it’s best if we just flip the page. Maybe, everything will be clear in the next chapters.

There might not be a new beginning for our whole story, but it sure is possible to sneak in some more content before it hits “The End.”