Prison Security: Safe “Then” Sorry

Abhishek Joshi, Staff Writer

In a high-octane, Hollywood style operation last week, forces almost came close to capturing El-Chapo but failed, leaving him with an injury to the face and leg. This incident has not only reminded the world of one of the swiftest prison escapes in history, but has also made us realize how unsafe some of the “maximum-security” prisons are.

Earlier this year in June, two prisoners escaped from Clinton Correctional Facility in New York State making authorities realize that prison security has to be taken care of, and taken care of soon. The whole idea behind having a prison is to have a barrier between normal citizens and those not fit enough for society and potentially dangerous. It is obvious that none of the prisoners  across the world want to be in prison. So why don’t we take other steps besides shoving the convicted and the sentenced into prisons and correctional facilities? Even if that is the solution, does it guarantee any change?

In any prison, the one thing that has complete freedom is the mind. What is on most of prisoners’ minds is the idea of simply escaping the prison. I won’t be the judge on whether or not they deserve the sentence and the prison conditions that are currently present.However, I will say that one easy way to escape the prison is to not get into one.

The prisoners that are spending time in prison are humans too, and it is not that there can be nothing done; a dead end life sentence is not the answer to everything. There should be a system where the prisoners are actually spoken to and their psychological barrier is broken into. Through academic and social teachings, it is tragic to take away an innocent person’s life and shows how important it is to have peace in the world.

It is a harsh reality that the world is full of people who don’t deserve to live with freedom and be associated with anyone in any way, but they are still a part of the world.  A prisoner’s journey from a sentenced murderer to a corrected and educated citizen should be documented and act as an example to other prisoners to help them realize that it is never too late to get their life back on track.

Is there anything that can be done in order to improve security at these so called “maximum-security prisons”?The government of every country spends a considerable amount of money towards the prison administration and governance, but there are still times when these prisons prove to be insufficient enough.

A little more effort towards prison security will prevent such cases of escape. Nevertheless, my hope is to have a system in prisons where the correctional department reforms the way that prisons approach the treatment of prisoners.