Is there a war on cops?

Zachary Tannis, Staff Writer

Recently in the media, there has been a claim that a new “war” has started in America. Of course, it isn’t a real war. 

It’s one similar to the war on Christmas that Fox News insists on whimpering about every year, or the war on Christianity that Bill O’Reilly drones on about incessantly. 

All of these “wars” are really code for the war on white people that they believe are plaguing our nation. This time, however, the “war” has reached a new level. Now the war is on police and it’s unmistakable that the opposing belligerents are black,  specifically, the Black Lives Matters (BLM) movement. 

Now, I’m not a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement (although I appreciate their work), but the claims being made are absurd.

The reasoning behind linking the two is incredibly faulty. 

We continuously see videos of people who claim to be in the BLM movement saying offensive things about cops on major media platforms. 

Yet, we have no way of knowing if they are actually part of the movement. It’s guilt by association. 

It would be similar if I said all Republicans support slavery because Mike Huckabee said he thinks it was a good thing on talk radio last Thursday. 

It’s merely an assumption that the anti-police sentiments at the BLM rallies are part of the movement, whereas Huckabee is major party member. 

Maybe Fox News, Huckabee’s former employer, should start a war on slavery.

The war on cops is also strange because of the number of cops killed this year, in which 33 cops have been murdered to date. 

That isn’t astronomically high considering the profession and the country they work. 

Surely, we should be thankful for the brave people who protect our community, but the profession isn’t exactly regarded as one of the safer ones. 

It comes with risks, especially since they work in a country where firearms are readily available to everyone. 

More importantly, the number of police murders hasn’t fluctuated in the past several years. So, how did the war on cops recently become an issue? 

It became an issue because something needed to divert the attention away from the multitude of bodies piling up due to police brutality.

Do not buy into this rubbish. There is no war on cops, no war on Christianity, no war on Christmas and no war on white people. There is a war on racism, a war on government abuse of power and a war on police brutality. 

Any attempt to say otherwise is to position oneself on the wrong side of history.