Kennisa Ragland

When I was little purple was my favorite color
I was amazed what red and blue could do
They would sit side by side or on top of each other
Until they could no longer resist the move
They would slide into each other and make 1+1=1, it was awe full
But the purple on my face doesn’t look so pretty now, its awful
Are you painting a picture?
Am I your canvas? 
Be careful, your hands are running too rampant
You’re getting careless making very visible marks
Of territory and hatred, not passion or art
The red is running along my skin instead of inside my veins
The blue is plastered on my back instead of glimmering in my eyes
And the purple…well it’s splattered everywhere 
Ever tear…
Of my flesh, is another of my self-worth, my self-confidence
Every time it happens a bell rings from my self-conscience 
It screams at me to leave and be stronger than this
But I’ve loved you much longer than this…has been happening
You are my da Vinci and I’m your Mona Lisa
Maybe the strokes ARE cause you love me
Maybe you mean it when you say “thats why I beat ya”
I stood in front of you, arms spread wide giving you the option
And when I expected you wouldn’t, you shot me while I was watching
The same stare we held when we first said I love you is the same one exchanged when you pulled the trigger
They tell you to be careful and trust no one, but this outcome I would’ve never figured
You left me here battered, bruised and disfigured 
Before you told me my body was God’s greatest creation
Your words were a whisper but your actions proved louder
I spoke some unkind things but that was no reason for you to cower
Behind your obvious physical superiority
You took advantage of my disadvantage 

Which landed, me here; looking like my favorite color