Dabble in Disney: Answer key 11/4/15

Diana Colapietro, Photo Editor

Eleven – The official number of Disney princesses

Bread – Aladdin and Abu steal this from the marketplace

SnowWhite – The first Disney princess

Vanessa – The name Ursula uses when she disguises herself to win over Prince Eric

Pocahontas – A Disney princess based on a real person

NewOrleans – This US city inspired the setting for the princess and the frog

Mushu – The name of Mulan’s pet dragon

Sothisislove – The song that Cinderella and prince charming dance to at the ball

Uncle – Scar’s relation to Simba

Jafar – The royal vizier of agrabah

Maleficent – Mistress of all evil

Carroll – Last name of the author who wrote Alice in Wonderland

Neverland – Where captain hook lives

WaltDisney – The original voice of Mickey Mouse

Left – The glass slipper that Cinderella left behind at the ball

Sixty – The amount of eggs Gaston says he eats to stay “roughly the size of a barge”

Thejunglebook – The last animated film Walt Disney personally supervised

Africa – The continent that Tarzan’s parents shipwrecked

Tantor – The name of Tarzan’s nervous elephant friend

Philcollins – The famous musician responsible for Tarzan’s soundtrack

Eltonjohn – The famous musician responsible for original songs in The Lion King

Sabor – The villain in Tarzan (Hint: It’s a leopard)

Ulysses – The name of the vessel that Milo and his friends took to Atlantis

Concubines – Mulan’s companions dressed up like these when they went to the emperor’s palace

Pocahontas – The first Disney movie to feature an interracial relationship

Spacemountain – The first roller coaster attraction at Walt Disney World

Monstro – The name of the whale in Pinocchio

Scatcat – Leader of the Jazz Band in The Aristocats

Westwing – Area of the Beast’s castle where he keeps the enchanted rose

Paris – The city where The Aristocats took place

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – The sound of this Mary Poppins word is something quite atrocious

Dinglehopper – What Scuttle calls a fork in The Little Mermaid