The battle to end rape culture rages on

“Return of Kings” creator and followers rightfully condemned for pro-rape beliefs

Alyssa Ford, Staff Writer

Misogynist writer and creator of the degrading blog “Return of Kings,” Daryush Valizadeh has become one of the top public enemies around the globe. He organized an international meeting for his anti-feminist, pro-rape group followers that was supposed to occur Saturday, Feb. 6. Valizadeh cancelled the meeting, however, due to an enormous amount of threats.

A pro-rape group cancels their event because they feel unsafe–how ironic.

 Valizadeh first gained criticism after posting on his blog in early 2015 about how he feels rape should be legalized if done on private property.

“By attempting to teach men not to rape, what we have actually done is teach women not to care about being raped, not to protect themselves from easily preventable acts, and not to take responsibility for their actions,” he once wrote.

This quote is disgusting and ignorant, highlighting Valizadeh’s awful character.

Even more attention was brought to his blog when he announced his plans to hold 165 events in 43 different countries. Feelings escalated towards the writer, causing him to receive numerous death threats and cancel his worldwide event. When asked about his posts, he said they were meant to be read as a satire. Valizadeh even added a disclaimer to the blog post, but only the day after he received high scrutiny from the media and the public.

Rape culture has always been a prominent issue talked about in the media. The discussion usually revolving around if the woman was “asking for it” or not. A woman is never asking for it. It does not matter what she is wearing, if she has had something to drink, no means no. The fact that there is a group trying to legalize such a heinous act truly blows my mind.

Valizadeh’s reasoning that teaching men to rape and teaches women to not care about being raped is ludicrous. There is a reason why women feel afraid when walking somewhere alone, or why they cross the street when they are cat-called.

As a woman, I know the feeling of being uncomfortable when a strange man approaches me. For some reason, some men truly believe that women are just sex objects or, as Valizadeh puts it, women are only meant for their “fertility and beauty.”

Hear that ladies? Apparently, all we are good for is looking pretty and producing babies.

It is people like him who are slowing down the world’s progress. Thankfully, however, some people are trying to push for change. Various countries, as well as individual states, have banned Valizadeh from entering their estate. In light of such a negative occurrence, the rest of the world does spread some hope.

The flood of disapproval for Valizadeh’s blog and organization restore some faith back into humanity. Although the blog’s existence causes uneasiness, rape culture has come a long way over the years. People are finally realizing how big of an issue this truly is and are taking the steps necessary to try and end it.