Flames of the Torch

As the 94th Editorial Board commences our tenure at the Torch, we have a lot to take on, and a lot to look forward to. Approaching the paper with new eyes and new goals, there are many things we hope to bring to the student body of St. John’s.

Such goals include increasing our online presence by becoming more active on all forms of social media. Building off of this goal, we are working toward revamping our website, torchonline.com, so that it is not only more interactive, but also more user-friendly.

Along with this, we hope to become more proactive in covering events on campus before they happen. It is our goal to ensure that the many diverse facets which define the University continue to be highlighted through accurate and thorough reporting on a consistent basis.

Our main goal, however, is to make The Torch the number one source for all news pertaining to the St. John’s community.

While we have many collective goals, separately, each of our editors has their own goals in regard to their sections.

Angelica, our News Editor, hopes to continue putting out interesting, campus-related stories that our news section has become known for. She also hopes to increase the amount of stories covering global issues, as well as stories that may be helpful to students at St. John’s.

Our Opinion Editor, Bryant, wants the St. John’s community to know that their voices are not only important, but also that they have a platform for discussing their personal views.

Features Editor Reza hopes to stress the idea that feature pieces are not only meant to inform, but that the subject matter can also be fun. She hopes to connect with the student body in terms of stories that are of interest to the community. It is her goal to produce more profiles that shine a light on the many talented students at our University.

Michael, our Entertainment Editor, intends on making his section bigger and more vibrant and engaging than it has ever been in the past. He also hopes to highlight more campus-related entertainment stories, as well as students involved in the performing arts.

Our Co-Sports Editors, Troy and Carmine, want the sports section of the Torch to be the place that St. John’s students go to on a weekly basis for the latest news on their favorite SJU sports teams.

Isabella, our Chief Copy Editor hopes to uphold the Torch’s reputation by making sure that every issue is easily readable and free of grammatical and spelling errors.

Design Editor Steve is working toward putting out a visually engaging newspaper that is both interesting and clear to readers. He hopes to improve the design aspect of the Torch by highlighting the dynamic content located within, while still allowing readers to stay engaged with the articles.

It is our hope that by combining both our collective and separate goals that we will put forward the best version of the Torch yet.