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Not another Weiner

Former congressman caught in another scandal

Anthony Weiner, a former New York congressman, was caught once again in a sexting scandal. Last week, the New York Post published an incriminating photo of Weiner, which resulted in repercussions a bit different than those that came about during his last two sexting scandals.

For one, the photo depicted his son Jordan in the background. It was reported by Weiner himself that a child welfare agency began an investigation regarding his treatment of Jordan last Thursday. Also different this time around was his wife Huma Abedin’s reaction.

Abedin, a top-aide to Hillary Clinton, released a statement saying the two were separating. The last two times, Abedin insisted on working through their issues. Public pressure, her son and her job may have resulted in her different reaction this time around.

Numerous media outlets jumped at the chance to use Weiner’s situation to put down Clinton’s campaign, as Abedin is the vice-chairwoman of the campaign and served as Deputy Chief of Staff to Clinton while she was Secretary of State. Saying it out loud sounds even more ridiculous: the sexting scandal of a Clinton aide’s husband means the entire campaign is a joke.


What was also troubling about the situation was the New York Post’s choice to publish the story as some sort of juicy exposition. The photo had his son in the background, and although Jordan’s face was blurred, the Post used the image as their front page. Doing that to a toddler is not only unethical, but desperate and uncalled for.

Weiner is certainly not alone in his foolish behavior; others just know how to hide it better. Sophomore Joel Cardoz puts it best, “It’s a little disheartening to see our elected officials who are supposed to uphold the laws and represent us in government, wasting the time that was given to them to make the changes that we want to see in our country and our state, but instead use it to send explicit pictures.”

Something to take from this situation is the ability of politicians to hide their demons from the public so well that they can maintain their positions in public office. Weiner would many times win his elections gaining no less than 59% of the vote, and just a few years later would be caught in a sexting scandal. This speaks to the amount of trust citizens have put into politicians, regardless of party affiliation. The hope is that everyone, not just Weiner, learns from this situation.  

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