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As Americans we are lucky enough to have the privilege and freedom to speak our minds.

The freedom of speech is essential to democracy and our ability to change the status quo. As college students, it’s especially important for us to have our voices heard.

It may be a cliche – but we are the future.

Civil debate is paramount to the future of the United States, and we at the Torch believe that all students should engage in it.

Educating yourself and being vocal about issues that you care about is vital – for your personal development, and your community’s.

Many people choose to not engage in these types of conversations, as they assume that their opinion is meaningless; but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Here at St. John’s, there are multiple ways to get educated outside of the classroom, and several platforms for us to discuss and voice our thoughts on a wide variety of issues.

With the upcoming election, it is more important than ever to get up to speed on current events, and to develop an opinion.

As the next generation to lead the nation, it’s important that we do not become complacent and leave politics to our parents and grandparents. We have huge untapped power to change our country for the better.

Whether you’re a Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump supporter, somewhere in between, or if you dislike both candidates, we hope Monday night’s debate truly made you think. Following the debate, Americans nationwide opined about who did great, who didn’t, or why both candidates are wrong/right for the count. We hope you thought about it too. And most importantly, we hope you took a step back and reflected on the kind of country you want to live in.

Yesterday was Voter Registration Day. If you can vote, do it. Your vote matters despite what you may believe.

Plus, you don’t just vote for president of the United States – you vote at every level of government.

Become familiar with politicians and policies that affect your community and state. At St. John’s, you have the opportunity to meet our local candidates on Oct. 24. The Torch will be there, and we hope you are too!

Never forget that change begins with you. And as college students, we have the power to affect so much more than what happens on campus.

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