Flames of the Torch

This past weekend, hopeful students began presenting their organizations to Student Government Inc. (SGI) during its annual “Power to Organize” process. Through this procedure, student groups apply to become official organizations at St. John’s.

We reported on three different organizations that are working to become recognized on campus: Love Your Melon, Spoon University and Feminists Unite.

Each group represents various interests. Love Your Melon aims to help children with cancer. Spoon University is centered around college students’ obsession with food and Feminists Unite’s mission is to provide students with a space to discuss feminism and gender equality.

These three groups, though different in their missions, have something in common. Each unites students through their passions – a vital part of the college experience.

The Torch encourages these groups, as well as any others, to continue pursuing their passions. For many, college is the foundation for learning and expanding on ideas and goals. Student organizations are a perfect outlet for like-minded students to gather and work toward some common goals.

Last week, we wrote about the importance of students using and finding their voices. We stand firmly behind this belief. Students should always act passionately, reasonably and responsibly when it comes to causes they’re passionate about – which we also mentioned last week.

Fighting for what you believe in is something you’ll be faced with your entire life. Whether you choose to defend your convictions and pursue goals surrounding them or not, this may affect your entire life. It’s important to start dealing with these types of situations now rather than later.

We believe that student organizations are the heart and soul of any university. Not only do they bring people who share ideas and goals together, but they also help you find yourself as a person.

It’s where lifelong friendships are formed, beliefs and values are strengthened (or broken) and people find themselves participating in things they genuinely care about and might even make a career out of.

No matter what obstacles you may face, the Torch believes that nothing is impossible and that with hard work and dedication you can either create a new club or even run the one you dedicate so much time into  – much like what the organizations seeking official status say.

Don’t forget: Nothing will ever be handed to you. Working for it is just as significant as dreaming about it.