Stronger Together: supporting Hillary Clinton for president

Paige Shatola, Contributing Writer

The third presidential debate was the performance that ignited my belief in Hillary Clinton’s campaign and her abilities.

Clinton is well-informed on the issues with on the ground experience, is transparent with her proposed policies on her website and has shown herself to be the moderate and motivated leader America needs in politically polarized times.

She has worked in the political sphere through an insane amount of roles: First lady, New York Senator and Secretary of State. Her pension for results when creating bipartisan policies has already been exhibited in the creation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and the Affordable Care Act whose success she will undoubtedly push for.

As a contributor to these proposals she has weight in seeing her projects not only succeed in their intentions but also flourish. In the case of universal health care, Clinton has a history of advocacy predating most of our lives. She first pushed for improvements to American healthcare back in 1993 and was shot down.

But she was not a quitter, especially when it comes to matters of the life expectancy of American citizens, she pushed through to create State’s Children Health Care in order to provide health coverage for young children whose parents could not. With the price of EpiPens soaring I want to see change in health care sooner and not later.

Since many of these projects required working across party lines, it has lead me to believe she can be the solutions to a stagnant Congress. President Obama was consistently road blocked to the point of the government shutting down.

Clinton is not the outsider he was and therefore can navigate these conversations better. Her commitment to party loyalty has never wavered and she has evolved with issues and has taken on the mantels she earned over the years with impeccable tenacity.

Clinton has proposed to re-educate police officers and brought together mothers whose sons were victims of police brutality, made known by the Black Lives Matter Movement in order to ensure their sons lives are not forgotten and can instead create powerful political change that will lead to prevention.

She is also a major contributor for women’s right and was able to voice the difficulties of decisions regarding abortions from a female’s perspective at the debate, which is usually absent in American politics.  Let’s not forget her historical speech in Beijing where she dared to proclaim that “women’s rights are human rights.”

In polarized political times we need bipartisan leadership and a clearly devoted worker for the people. Hillary Clinton has been a figure in American politics for over 30 years.

I encourage everyone to take the time to look outside the vacuum of who she’s running against or her spouse and appreciate the politician who’s been fighting for the rights of women, children and families throughout her career.

Democracy is only as strong as the individuals that uphold their constituent’s beliefs and strive to make the best outcomes for all Americans. 

This doesn’t mean all political decisions are fast and perfect deals, but instead requires dedication to research and have the experience to make the best informed decisions you can at any given time.

This is why Hillary Clinton will be an exceptional President.