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Tips to thrive during Finals Week

Finals week is intense, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed because of it. Yet, you should not write that 15 page paper two hours before it is due, nor should you not sleep for three days. It seems like those are some of the only options, but if you stay organized, you can thrive during finals week.

Write every single due date and exam date down, and then make a checklist. Organize what you have to do depending on its due date. While it is commendable to want to write that linguistic paper early, it is not wise if you have an economics exam the next day.

The best thing to do is write down all your due dates on whatever you will look at. It is not a good idea to write your final paper due date on a sticky note that will sit at the bottom of your backpack.

If it worked in high school, it will most likely work in college. Thus, you should make review sheets for any big exams coming up or even a guideline sheet for a big paper. Flipping through your notes or reading the book over is good, but you are likely to forget the information. By making a review sheet you will have to not only look back on your notes but also make sense of the material.

Also, be a pal and make a Google doc with your friends from class. You can all contribute to the review sheet and you can get clarification on any material you may be confused with.

Schedule out when you are going to study, write a paper, go to office hours or anything that may come up during finals week. It may seem mundane, but we have a short period of time to complete a lot of work.

It is easy to schedule multiple things at the same time and simply underestimate how much time you have for to complete an assignment. Set some alarms on your phone to remind you when you need to start something or have to go somewhere. It a simple thing that will help organize your life during a hectic time.

Pack a ton of snacks and bring a reusable water bottle in your bag. It is so easy to forget to eat/drink, or maybe you simply do not have the time. You will feel more tired than you already are if you do not eat.

Furthermore, install a website blocker on your laptop, it is easy to get distracted with Netflix. But, it will make you more productive, and it will limit the time that you can spend on a certain website. We have almost a month off to binge watch all the television shows on our list.

Take a deep breath and drink some coffee. We have survived the semester, and the last stretch is to get through finals week!

Good luck to everyone on finals week and try to stay organized.

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