What’s the right way to do spring break?

Victoria Lohwasser, Staff Writer

Spring break is right around the corner and I know that I can’t wait. It feels like we just got back, and yet we already seem to be in need of another vacation. So the proposed question is: How do you do spring break the right way?

Most importantly, catch up on your sleep! You always want more, but never get enough during school, so this is your chance. However, try not to sleep the break away; if you’re perfectly content laying in bed, start a new series on Netflix or Hulu. Better yet, catch up on all the shows you’re currently watching–I know that’s what I’ll be doing.

Something useful to do would be updating your LinkedIn profile or your resume. And you can do it all from the comfort of your bed! Summer is coming soon, so the internship and even job search frenzy is about to begin. Get ahead of the game, and get everything ready to be emailed and handed out.

Completing some upcoming assignments or even finishing up past ones will be a good way to catch up over break. Midterms will be awaiting our return, so start studying! We say we will try, but in reality we’re lucky if we even glance at our work. However, I am determined to get my papers done—remember, we can do this.

If you’re more interested in escaping your responsibilities for a week, take a day trip to the city or even venture into Long Island for some new scenery. There’s so much to do in both places. Long Island is full of history museums, vintage boutiques and even though it’s too cold to go swimming, the further toward the water you get, the prettier the view is. There are so many beaches and lighthouses to go to in little beach towns. Huntington Harbor, Fire Island, Port Jefferson—the possibilities are endless. You can even pick up a souvenir!

The city is home to numerous bars, clubs, theaters and eateries. If you’ve never seen a Broadway show, now is the time. Get dressed up a little, call your friends or make it a date. If you’d prefer a more casual evening, go to one of the many movies that are out right now. If you like thrillers, “Split” is quite freaky, “Fifty Shades Darker” offers a dramatic love story and “Fist Fight” will have you peeing your pants.

Tis’ the season for sports, so call up the boys and go to a game, have a viewing party or go to a sports restaurant. Do something a little different and go to a concert, even if it’s for a band that you’ve never heard of. Remember, it’s about the adventure—you don’t have to love it as long as you’re having fun.

Whatever you end up deciding to do with this week off, make sure that you have fun. Don’t say no to that spontaneous city trip or trying a new place to eat. Live a little and have a great spring break.