GOP Pulls Back on AHCA

Angela Kellett, Staff Writer

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan pulled The American Health Care Act from the floor on Friday afternoon. This is after years of the Republicans preaching that they will repeal and replace Obamacare. The AHCA began to unravel, as many began to realize that Republicans may be better as the opposition party. The advocate of repeal and replace, Paul Ryan, looked defeated as he announced the news.

The Trump campaign had made strong promises about the future of the United States’ healthcare system. Yet, as understanding for the bill grew, many understood that it was not what was promised. The estimate that 24 million Americans may become uninsured is appalling. Health care is the backbone of society. This complete disregard of the health care system is shocking.

Premiums have been a heavy discussion regarding health care reform. The discussion was that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) premiums were too high. The promise was to bring down the premiums, yet it is estimated that since the ACA will push out the healthy and the poor, premiums will rise.

As someone who has spent quite some time in a hospital, this bill is terrifying. Hospital staff worries about how patients will be covered and the impact it will have on policies. The families of patients are worried about how they are going to afford the expenses. As someone who has a loved one in the hospital, no one truly understands the cost of medical treatment until you begin receiving bills.

The simple tasks that you do not think about in the hospital are even expensive. Medicine is expensive. Surgery will bankrupt you. Yet, this is not at the forefront of discussion regarding health insurance. We listen to the estimates and figures, but not about the people who rely on affordable coverage in order to survive. The medical treatment is not pleasant and they are in the hospital to get better, not for a vacation.

The current view on healthcare and insurance is delusional. We have forgotten our humanity because of partisan politics. The focus shifted from making lives better to removing a bill to repeal and replace. The removal of the bill was the right call. While Republicans do want to quickly get a bill out that will “repeal and replace” Obamacare this process cannot be rushed. If this process is rushed, we are risking the lives of millions of Americans.