Critiques on Syrian air strike

Angella Kellet, Staff Writer

Donald Trump ordered a missile strike on Thursday, April 7 after reports surfaced that the Assad regime used chemicals weapons.

While the use of chemical weapons is deplorable, you can not simply fight violence with violence. There is no ideal solution, as Syria has been heavily attacked since 2011. Yet, why do we only focus on them when the worst situations occur? How come we do not constantly discuss Syria and what we can do to help? The use of chemical weapons was atrocious. But, the citizens of Syria are suffering every day from varying degrees of attacks. There are frequent air raids that often target hospitals.

Areas such as Mosul and Aleppo have been destroyed due to the fighting. How many times have we seen a video on our Facebook or Twitter of Syrian citizens after an attack? We hear the cries from the wounded and loved ones. We see the pain and horrors.

We need to learn to empathize, not just sympathize. It may be less daunting to reshare a video rather than educate ourselves. As a nation, we need to be aware of the situation, fully.

Look at other sources other than CNN. Rather, research Syrian Facebook pages that share daily updates on Syria. The reporters on the ground often post blog posts that provide day-to-day updates.

Do not be a blind observer to the injustice. The air strike sent a political message, but it was just one of many air strikes that have targeted Syria. Children have grown up knowing only that very sound.

We need to grasp that, for six years, there has been no peace. The citizens of Syria have watched the violence unfold daily since it started.

We can not combat violence with violence anymore. We need to put aside politics and focus on the wellbeing of citizens who cannot protect themselves.

The airstrike is most likely one of many that will come in the near future. Since the Syrian airstrike, President Trump also bombed the Nangarhar province in Iraq.

The attack was carried out with one of the largest non-nuclear bombs.

The Trump administration is not facing the hurdles that the Obama administration faced regarding military intervention. This may foreshadow the transformation from diplomatic to aggressive tactics regarding the Middle East.