Is it Time to be Jolly?

Amanda Shephard, Contributing Writer

It seems like the Christmas season starts right after Thanksgiving, but I say why not start celebrating Christmas right after Halloween? There is no need to ignore Thanksgiving, but let’s listen to our favorite Christmas music and wear Christmas socks while we decorate.

The Christmas season seems to go by so fast, so let’s start now. Let’s decorate our houses and wear Christmas sweaters — let’s make this season jolly.

Walk into any store now and you’ll already see Christmas decorations and Christmas advertisements so you can start buying Christmas presents. But so many of us look at it and think “Oh, it’s way too early, Thanksgiving hasn’t even passed.”

But why look past it when you can embrace it and love it?

If you decorate for Christmas, you already invest so much time and money into putting up these decorations just to have them up for a short amount of time. Then, before you know it, you don’t even want to take them down because you feel like you’ve just put them up.

Some people love Christmas so much that they think about it all year, and plan months in advance.

For me, Christmas isn’t about all these advertisements and shopping though. it’s about spending time with family at home, being comfortable and giving to those I love and care about.

Christmas is also a time of reflection and gratitude.

So many people lose true meaning of Christmas because they only think about materialistic things as they receive and give Christmas presents. Yet Christmas can be a holiday about reflection and gratitude just as much as Thanksgiving is. Thanksgiving is the holiday to give “thanks” as it says in its name, but why not give thanks during Christmas too?

Christmas falls right in between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, and all three of them are toward the end of the year. This is the perfect time to give thanks for all that has happened to you or the ones around you during the year. So why not give thanks, reflect and celebrate during this whole time period?

As a Christmas lover, I can’t wait to wear my bright red snowflake printed pajama pants without being judged. I’m excited to wear cozy Christmas sweaters and socks while listening to my favorite Christmas albums and watching my favorite Christmas movies. You should be too.