Why Kevin Spacey’s Allegations Should Make Us Question All of Hollywood

Shabib Afzal, Staff Writer

Earlier this week, actor Anthony Rapp revealed that unwanted sexual advances were made on him by Kevin Spacey. This took place during a party at Spacey’s apartment in 1986, where after everyone else had left, an intoxicated Spacey had picked up Rapp, placed him on his bed and layed on top of him, as he made sexual advances. Spacey’s publicist stated that he is “taking the time necessary to seek evaluation and treatment.”

I find it reprehensible that Spacey not only did this to Rapp (and other alleged individuals), but also took time to come out as gay in his “apology” to Rapp. Attempting to downplay his pedophilia by coming out is not a way to score points among public perception — I cannot think of an easier way for the public to find him even more disgusting.

Why would Spacey’s publicist make it seem as if he is “seeking treatment?” Pedophilia is not a disease that can be cured. Harvard Medical School published an article relating to the topic in 2010, stating that pedophilia “is a sexual orientation and unlikely to change.” That is not to say there are no methods to combat this, however, nonchalantly stating that one is “seeking treatment” normalizes such an abhorrent act.

Does this incident indicate that pedophilia is rampant in Hollywood? Not necessarily, but it very easily could be. The documentary “An Open Secret” explores this, presenting some compelling information about pedophilia in Hollywood. Some have even spoken out about it their entire careers, such as Corey Feldman, who alleged that he was molested by actor John Grissom in the 1980’s.

My biggest gripe with this story is not the statement Spacey issued, or even the act itself. Rather, if hollywood has a problem with pedophilia, why are we not as outraged as we should be?

We live in a time where being outraged at everything tends to be normal, if not encouraged. That is not to say that people are currently not angered by this news, but pedophilia in Hollywood has been swept under the rug for years — with someone like Feldman talking about this issue for many years now. Even the documentary “An Open Secret” came out in 2015, so the information and allegations have been around for more than two years.

Do we only care now because someone as prominent as Spacey was accused? Are our children not the most precious members of society that should be protected by all? Men such as Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby have been put on blast for their sexual misconduct and many others are starting to suffer the consequences. But this is not enough.

We should all start asking these serious questions to Hollywood. We must try to get to the bottom of whether this pedophilia and abuse of power is as rampant as it seems. After all, I would not be surprised if it were.