2020 Predictions: Sanders Can Beat Trump

Eduardo Alfonzo, Staff Writer

At the beginning of the year, there was a lot of speculation about  teh amount of candidates there will be for the 2020 Presidential Election. So far, there are 21 candidates running in the   Democratic party. After the last election, it seems that there are a lot more candidates to choose from.

While there are some new faces, there are some returning faces, most notably, Bernie Sanders.

Recently, Joe Biden announced his candidacy for president and is now  seen as one of the favorites to face Trump in 2020. But, from what I have seen within the past couple of weeks, I believe that Sanders is one of the favorites to win the election.

Having been the second most popular Democratic candidate in 2016, many people believed that he would run again. This time around, there are some notable differences in his campaign.

For one, Sanders is now more well-known than he was in the past. He has been garnering more popularity within the past two years, especially among  young adults.

Secondly, his campaign goals have not changed that much over the years. He still believes in tuition-free colleges, an increase in minimum wage and the idea of “Medicare for all.”

With that being said, I think it would be more difficult for Sanders to win the candidacy this time around.

With Trump’s growing disapproval and continual involvement in controversies, a lot of politicians have spoken out against him, such as Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, who also have their hats in the presidential ring. These candidates are capitalizing their criticisms. They are coveting more attention, and therefore receiving more support.

Another factor that could make it difficult is that with the rise of hate crimes and the recognition of the #MeToo Movement, many people would like to see a woman or a person of color in office.

I would like to see a president that fits those descriptions, but for right now, we need someone that can actually beat Trump, and Sanders is the right man.

America has to select a candidate who can not only bring true leadership back to the U.S., but who can also restore America’s name and image that Trump and his administration have tarnished.