#hotgirlsummer to #hotgirlsemester

Ladies, I hope you all had a true Hot Girl Summer. If you don’t know what Hot Girl Summer is… let me explain. It’s a song by Megan Thee Stallion that is meant to empower women. The song really enforces that women should live unapologetically, and it conveys the message that women should be bold and live for themselves, and not get hung up on men. Over the summer, women began to feel connected with Stallion’s “Hot Girl Summer” song. This connection spawned the hashtag #hotgirlsummer, and it rapidly took over Twitter and Instagram. #Hotgirlsummer became a mindset that women adopted. However, now that the summer is over, what do we do with #hotgirlsummer? The answer is simple; women are now transitioning to a Megan Thee Stallion approved #hotgirlsemester. This means that we will be conquering our semester the same way we did our summer. We will be bold and unapologetically successful in our classes this semester. We will not let boys get in the way of our success and studies, and we will accomplish all of our goals this fall! 

This mindset may look different for everyone because we all want to accomplish different goals. For me, this means keeping track of my planner and making sure I don’t slack on keeping my assignments in order. I usually get off track after the first week of classes — once the excitement of a fresh planner and new pens dies down, so does my motivation— but, not this semester. It is #hotgirlsemester, and that means keeping on top of my goals and pushing myself to be successful! 

As for being unapologetically bold, that mindset should absolutely persist into this semester. Too often women become timid in the classroom because they don’t want to be wrong, or they don’t ask questions or challenge ideas because they don’t want to be seen as aggressive. This semester, we are going to be bold in the classroom and challenge ourselves to be the most successful and accomplished versions of ourselves!

So, ladies, just because #hotgirlsummer is over that doesn’t mean that we have to get rid of the mindset that we associate with it because #hotgirlsemester is in full swing.