Brett Kavanaugh: Finally Out of the Spotlight?

Brett Kavanaugh: Finally Out of the Spotlight?

2018 News: Democrats called for the impeachment of U.S. Associate Justice Brett Kavanugh.

2019 News: Democrats called for the impeachment of U.S. Associate Justice Brett Kavanugh.

No, you did not read this wrong. No, you are not in a time warp. Lately, United States news has become a broken record, especially in politics. Today’s culprit: Brett Kavanaugh. It has been over a year since his hearing, but he is back for round two. First it was Julia Swentek, Deborah Ramierex and Christine Blasey Ford who all came forward with sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh —the new perpetrator: a newspaper?

On Saturday, the New York Times released an article which included a claim on how another victim came forward against Kavanaugh. However, the article soon lost its traction once the alleged victim admitted that she could not remember the incident. The New York Times quickly posted a redaction due to the false claim. The case has more contradictions than evidence, so this case cannot be used as grounds to impeach Kavanaugh. Yet, why can people not see this? Well, our country seems to be at a political stand still. People are not willing to give up on their beliefs or listen to anyone not on “their side.” If politics were out of Kavanaugh’s case, people could look at the evidence objectively and agree that there is just not enough. But since it has become a more politically driven trial, citizens are blind by the lack of evidence actually at hand. I agree that the allegations against Kavanaugh are severe. Any man or woman who has been charged with rape needs to go to trial or undergo an investigation. But in reality, there has never been enough evidence to impeach Kavanaugh. 

During the confirmation hearings, Ford’s testimony had many contradictions. Details of the incident changed many times and her eyewitnesses denied recollection. Even her therapist had speculated her motives. Furthermore, all the victims who came forward had few to no eye witness accounts. However, this does not mean the claims made by the victims are untrue. 

Their story, whether true or not, is theirs and sexual assault claims should always be taken seriously. Their claims, in my mind, are true until proven otherwise. However, there is a high amount of evidence out there discrediting them. Unfortunately, in Kavanaugh’s case, there needs to be hard evidence like eyewitnesses, a media supplement or supporting testimonies to impeach him. The Democratic party, which originally initiated the case against Kavanaugh, essentially ignored the recent article by the New York Times in an effort to move on. 

While I would like to say Kavanaugh should be impeached due to the severity of the allegations, the evidence is too low and must be investigated to have grounds for his removal. Each article I read always led me back to the same conclusion; to discover the truth of this case, more eyewitnesses and supporting evidence needs to come forward. Impeachment, at this point in time, is not probable.