How to Survive Midterm Week 101

Tips To Help You Get Through Midterms Stress-Free


The Doc is in, here to help you survive and pass midterm week. From freshmen to unmotivated seniors, these tips will help you get through the week with less stress. 

First things first: study. I think this is a given, but remember you are only as good as your preparation. Preparing for midterms will take a weight off your shoulders compared to walking in blind. But how do you begin the studying process? 

A great starting point is to clarify with your professor what would be covered on the midterm and what you can do to best prepare. Most professors want to see you succeed, so asking for help or clarification never hurts. 

The next thing to do is compile and organize your notes or textbook material. Once you have everything organized, study sections one step at a time. I know from experience that trying to study everything at once is super overwhelming, but if you focus on one section at a time you will feel less overwhelmed. However, do not wait until the last minute! Procrastination, while tempting at times, should be avoided during midterms. You will only do better and feel less anxious if you give yourself decent time to really study the material. But do not forget to take breaks!

Breaks are so necessary to proper studying. Giving yourself a break gives your brain and body time to recharge. Some things you can do during your break could include: eating a snack, working out or taking a nap. Take breaks, but remember not to overdo them; creating a schedule can help you avoid turning a 30-minute break into hours. 

If you are like me, you will need a certain study environment as well. Discovering what type of study setting works for you can be so helpful when studying for a big assessment. If you want a calm and mostly quiet area, the third floor of the library is a great place. The library may seem like a foriegn area to freshmen, but trust me, it is one of the best places on campus for focused studying. If you prefer a little background noise, DAC has many areas, even comfy ones, where you can study. Bring a friend too if you need a little motivation! Having someone studying next to you can help you stay in the zone. 

Overall, midterms can seem daunting and overwhelming. Since I am a freshman, I was just as nervous, but then I remembered that it is just a test. I found a perfect spot, made a study guide and went into the test feeling confident. I was not sure how different college midterms would compare to high school, but with these tips it felt like a walk in the park. However, if you need a little extra help, never be afraid to ask. Resources can be found in the library or even by asking a classmate! And remember, once midterms week is over, we are halfway done with the semester.