Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is Dead: Is ISIS?


President Donald Trump made a formal announcement regarding ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on Oct. 27. Trump kept quiet on much of the information about how he was able to view the death but did not hold back with the description. Al-Baghdadi’s death was described very graphically and in as much detail as he could dispose. Overall, the announcement created high tension between the reporters and Trump. Most questions were asked to tie up any loose ends on the announcement, but Trump refused to disclose some information to protect the safety of people in his administration and the U.S. soldiers. 

My main issue of the announcement was the word and phrasing choices made by Trump. To describe al-Baghdadi, he used the word “thug,” and when describing Al Qaeda he used the phrase “savage monsters.” It was very unsophisticated for a formal announcement. He also used words to insinuate a very graphic description of al-Baghdadi’s death. 

Trump said that “he died after running into a dead-end  tunnel, whimpering and crying and screaming all the way;” and when he reached a dead-end he ignited his vest, killing himself and three of his children who he had brought with him. Trump described al-Baghdadi’s last moments as being “in utter fear of the United States.” Trump went further and said, “he died like a dog, he was whimpering, screaming  and crying” and died “as a coward, running and crying” in his final moments. He was the leader of ISIS, and to have him dead is a step in the right direction, yet the announcement was more bragging about Iraq’s technology, the U.S. soldiers, K-9 units and his graphic death. I feel as if the announcement lost focus due to certain comments made by Trump. Trump praises Iraq’s technology commenting that “they use the internet better than anyone else,” yet retracts from this praise by following with: “besides maybe Donald Trump.” Yes, that was our president referring to himself in third person. 

Regardless of how this news was presented, I personally feel relieved that the U.S. was able to find al-Baghdadi. Because of this, we now have highly sensitive information regarding ISIS and their future plans which helps the good of not just our people, but other countries as well. Unfortunately, I do not think it is a turning point for ISIS moving forward because of the following it already has. This specific terrorist group branched from Al Qaeda and has been growing since 1999. The leader is gone, but that does not mean it will just go away. I think another leader will come forward soon, and the U.S. will then begin the search for him. If ISIS is aware that the U.S. took their classified information then I also feel that their plans will be altered. Al-Baghdadi had been changing locations since Trump began his search for him three years prior. For the future, I see a new leader and a new manhunt forming. Terroristic groups do not form overnight, and their fury does not go away just because their leaders die.