NASA Says A Woman Could Be The First Person On Mars!

One Small Step for a Woman, One Giant Leap For Women’s History


Seeing that a woman might open a door into another planet makes me feel like things would be going in the right direction. This would definitely be a milestone in the history of women’s achievements. 

A women being the first person on Mars will not only be a big accomplishment in a culture, society or planet, but also be a great success across two planets. Being a supporter of women in every field, I am very excited to see that after so many years of the “first man” landing on the moon there might be a “first woman” landing on Mars. It is a delightful feeling to think that after NASA’s first all-female Spacewalk, this might be the event that follows.  The importance of this possible step can be applied not only for women who are already a part of NASA, but also for women who might dream to be a part of it or simply might dream to achieve big milestones in their careers. Seeing more women succeeding in different fields gives a sense of security that society is learning to use the full human potential.

During every meaningful change in history, there has always been a person who has had the courage to go out of what is expected from them and to bring new ideas to life. All the first women which published a book, painted, became a CEO, a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, etc., are the ones that changed history and became an inspiration for others to follow. Having a “first woman” in any field can also open doors for all other women who might feel like they don’t belong. As a society, we function a lot based on the psychology of examples, role models or influencers. 

This event could be one of those examples that will challenge the belief that women might not be as able as men in taking responsibility for such important steps in human history. I personally hope that this will happen even if it would take 10 years. I can’t imagine how society will be in a decade, but I hope women’s position in society will have improved, and we will see more women active in every aspect of society. I believe we as a society have evolved a lot in aspects of living conditions and style, but gender roles take a longer time. 

Challenging people’s beliefs and helping them to create new ones can also take time, an event like this one will be groundbreaking. It will change the old belief that women belong in other fields and that they are able to succeed in everything that they put their minds to. 

After writing about this possible event, all I can think is about a quote from Charles Malik: “the fastest way to change society is to mobilize the women of the world.”