Pete Buttigieg Makes Agenda to Include Women: Was It Good Enough?


On Oct. 24, Democratic presidential candidate, Pete Buttigieg, released a 26 page agenda stating his top priority as president: how he wants to alleviate women’s struggles in life and in the workplace. 

Buttigieg, a former U.S. Naval Officer and the present mayor of South Bend, Indiana, has been dominating the hearts and minds of many Democratic citizens, including mine. 

Buttigieg’s plan to help women in the workplace and life is truly phenomenal. In his agenda from his campaign website, Pete for America, he states how he can help the crisis of closing pay and wealth gaps, advancing women’s health and choice, securing women’s power and influence and building safe and inclusive communities across America. Other candidates are only saying that they will protect women’s rights to abortion, so Buttigieg is ahead of the game. 

The highlights of his agenda are a 10 billion dollar funding towards accountability and prevention of workplace sexual harassment, as well as other discrimination against women, affordable childcare, paid family and medical leave, safeguarding abortion rights and protecting and expanding Title IX. Also, a guaranteed 50 percent of his cabinet and judiciary will be women, legal rights regardless of sex under the Equal Rights Amendment will be protected, gender equity will be the core of every policy and the boyfriend loophole will vanish for good. 

Buttigieg’s agenda makes strides in what women need to hear, especially after who is in the White House now. President Donald Trump has shattered hearts, especially the hearts of women. With the controversy of passing legislation to close Planned Parenthood centers across America and brushing aside the accusations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s ideologies and priorities need to be stopped. 

From seeing the comments of other countries regarding Trump’s presidency, many Americans believe that having an openly gay president will make us look extremely weak and that he is not ready to run the country because he is too young; I think it is the exact opposite. I believe that having an openly gay president, will show other countries that we will never let another Trump run our country again. Buttigieg and his fresh ideas show the exact strength, intelligence and courage that Americans need after Trump’s horrific presidency. 

Buttigieg is one of the best candidates running in the Democratic race. He has won my heart over with his drive for change, his care for citizens and military and his ideas to change America for the better. Though his campaign for the health insurance crisis in America is a bit shaky, I support him wholeheartedly, and I hope that he makes strides in the democratic race for president. 

Currently fourth in the polls for the most popular democratic candidate, Buttigieg is exceeding expectations and becoming more popular. Since he is one of the presidential candidates that I am rooting for, I encourage everyone to take a look at his agenda for women and his Pete for America 2020 campaign, and the promises he makes to Americans.