Give Me 3 Minutes — I’ll Give You 3 Reasons to Vote

As I write this piece, I’m sitting on the couch in my living room studying for finals. My time in quarantine has mostly been spent doing homework and studying, with  my study breaks consisting of doing bingo challenges on Instagram and watching dance routines on TikTok. But I’ve also been checking the news. The airwaves are predominately coronavirus-related, addressing the impact of the pandemic on jobs and small businesses, the shortage of testing kits —  the list goes on. It is ironic to see that a hidden danger, such as  the virus, has brought to light different issues we have either ignored or become accustomed to in our society.  That is why we need to vote this November. Whether you are 18 or 78 you need to vote.

Here are my top three reasons for voting. 


1. I don’t like to think of voting as a civic duty, I prefer to think of it as a way of saying “Thank You.” My parents taught me to say these two words as common courtesy. How can I not show my thanks to the land that has provided me with a freedom that people in other countries dream of (and in many cases die for) by simply voting? 

2. I will vote for the people who can’t. As a college senior, the first group that comes to mind is DACA students. These are the students that were brought to America at a young age for the opportunities available in this country. For many of these students, the United States is the only place they have called home. If I were in their shoes, I would want someone in the same age range who is eligible to vote to speak for me. 

3. My future children and grandchildren. We are living in a world where technology is advancing rapidly. Yet there are many areas of life in the U.S. that are not advanced. I vote so that I can help plant the seed of change for those that will come after me. 


I am a first generation college student who has been blessed with the opportunity to attend college. Being a part of the Class of 2020 has had its challenges, no doubt. I will vote because I know that action will make me feel whole in this uncertainty. No matter who becomes the next president, I want to have the sense of satisfaction that I exercised my right. I believe voting provides a sense of hope.

Voting this year will either most likely mean we will have to stand six feet apart to cast our vote or send a mail ballot. Don’t let that stop you. You can make a difference and create an impact. What will your reasons for voting be?