The Torch Gets Back Online

The TORCH’s Website has returned after an eight-month absence.

Students, faculty and alumni can now find campus news online at:

The new website will feature all the news appearing in the print edition as well as breaking stories between issues, interactive polls and feedback sections for reader response.

As the Website for the students of St. John’s, all readers are encouraged to voice their opinion on the issues raised, and how the issues are presented to the community.

The TORCH online is dedicated to serving the campus with up-to-date information on all matters regarding St. John’s University.

The TORCH first instituted the Website in the fall of 2000.

After undergoing a mid-year revamp, the site took on a new look and continued throughout the year. Until now there had been no material added since last summer, as

The TORCH lacked the staff and resources to keep it updated.

The new editors, at the TORCH online, are still looking for students interested in all aspects of journalism.

Positions for news, sports, editorials, features and reviews are all available.

Anyone interested in pursuing this opportunity in online journalism come to the TORCH office on the second floor of the University Center or call ext. 6444.