Campus Spotlight

James Walters isn’t your average college senior. He knows what he wants and is comfortable being immersed in all that St. John’s has to offer.

His activities include the St. Vincent De Paul Society, V.I.T.A.L., and other Campus Ministry activities. He is also a DJ for WSJU radio and is a member of the President’s Society.

It seems that out of all the activities that Walters is involved in, working for the SVDP Society and being a disc jockey for WSJU radio are the two things that are close to his heart. “I love the St. Vincent de Paul Society because of the incredible work we do. Some of the greatest moments of my life came when I was doing a service project for SVDP,” he said.

And as far as spinning oldie records for WSJU, Walters said, “I take great pride in being the Oldies DJ of WSJU. The music I play is the same music we all heard in our parent’s car growing up, while taking that drive to Grandma’s. I take this great music and jump start the day for many people, and I know they will be humming the oldies all day.”

If you don’t recognize Walters’ voice, take a look at his picture. If you still don’t know who he is, he is the poster child for St. John’s. Walters is the guy with the ‘Kool Aid’ smile on the school’s website. “It is amazing how many strange looks I get from people because they recognize me but don’t know from where.”

As if being an active participant in the school’s community isn’t enough, Walters is active in his home parish of Ozone Park. He serves as a basketball coach for five- and six-year-olds and is the editor of the weekly church bulletin.

When asked what his ultimate goal is, Walters replied, “My ultimate goal is to wake up every morning and be happy with who I am and what I do. If it’s today or 30 years from now, I want to do something where I am making a difference.” Maybe that’s why Walters would like to become a school counselor. After graduating from St. John’s, he plans to attend graduate school in preparation for his goal.

Walters has done a lot for St. John’s, but St. John’s has also done a substantial amount for him. “I love the campus and all it had to offer. As I got involved, I saw all these great opportunities. Because of SJU, I can say I was a sports writer, a disc jockey, an e-board member of SVDP, a staff member of the President’s Society and, of course, a college student,” he said. “SJU has also blessed me with many great people, especially through the Campus Ministry. The people who work there have been so important in the lives of so many students, and their work has a lot to do with making SJU the Vincentian, Catholic University that it is.”

When asked to describe himself in one word, Walters apologized because he couldn’t think of just one word. However, there is one word that fits him perfectly: inspirational.

“As I tell my radio listeners, unwrap each day like a precious gift. Enjoy life, enjoy all the blessings we√≠ve been given.”

James R. Walters

Hometown: Ozone Park, NY

Year: Senior

Major: Psychology

Current Involvement:

St. Vincent De Paul Society


President’s Society

WSJU Morning Oldies DJ