Jermaine Maybank

How does Jermaine Maybank, a quiet, laid-back junior guard from the Bronx, emulate Baltimore Ravens’ middle linebacker Ray Lewis, a loud, brash, in-your-face, poster boy for an energy drink?

It’s that dance Lewis does before every game.

Maybank and his St. John’s teammates have picked up on it, and use it to hype each other up prior to games.

“It’s a little something that we’ve developed in the locker room,” Maybank said. “Watching games on Sundays, seeing Ray Lewis hype up his team, we decided to do the same.”

Maybank, known as “The Humble One,” in the New York City Rucker League, grew up a St. John’s fan, and he feels lucky to be able to fulfill his lifelong dream of playing for the Red Storm.

“My whole family was St. John’s fans,” Maybank said. “Felipe Lopez is from my area, and we always admired him. It’s always been my dream to go to St. John’s.”

Maybank is returning to the Red Storm after a sophomore season in which he was forced to sit out with a knee injury. A swingman with the ability to play guard or wing, Maybank is looking to help St. John’s in any way that he can.

“I just want to bring a lot of energy, do whatever coach (Norm Roberts) says, and defend,” Maybank said. “That’s where we were successful last year, just bringing a lot of energy to the floor.”

Stepping into a team that coach Norm Roberts has described as having only two definite starters in junior guard Daryll Hill and junior forward Lamont Hamilton, Maybank’s role on the squad is undecided.

“Jermaine has done a great job for us,” Roberts said. “He’s gotten himself in great shape. Jermaine is going to give you 100 percent every time he goes out.”

Until his role is decided, all Maybank is focusing on is helping his team get to the next level.

“I’ll do whatever coach says, it doesn’t matter to me,” Maybank said. “Whatever it takes to help my team.”

Roberts’ expectations for Maybank are simple: to give the Red Storm energy every time he steps onto the court.

“He is going to be a slasher, defender type guy for us,” Roberts said. “I think he’s a guy that can really run in transition so he will be very good with Daryll. He finishes well to the basket. He’s going to have to improve his outside shot, but I think he is going to be a huge force for us defensively.”

As for Maybank’s team expectations, he hopes to help the Johnnies get back to the prominence of the old days.

“[My goals are that] everyone comes together quickly, and to make a lot of positive changes from past years,” Maybank said. “I want us to be known as one of the top schools once again.”