Fitness tips for 2006

This past holiday season was a hectic one. Shopping malls were crowded as people went crazy buying presents and spending money left and right. After that, the New Years’ celebration began.

As always, people made resolutions, including changing their look and getting into better shape. After New Years, there is a sudden rush to join gyms, buy videotapes on fitness, and purchase all the gadgets shown on TV to change your look for good. There is nothing wrong with that. It is good you are trying to change your look. But the important thing is to really have a plan to reach those goals.

With fitness goals, as with many other goals, there is a path, a road that is a tough journey that you must take to actually change your body and finally feel good about yourself. The solution to your fitness problems can and will come but first you must have a plan.

Your plan first starts with three easy steps you will need to truly get that head start in 2006. Whether it is losing weight, fitting into a dress, or bulking up for the ladies when you go to Cancun during spring break, you will have to plan.

If you are going to be serious about changing the way you look, you need to start here.

First ask yourself, what is your goal? Do you want to lose fat, to gain muscle, lose your love handles, or lose weight? Once you decide on what your goal is, you will need to know what you have to do to get there: How often you are going to workout, what are you going to eat, when will you workout? Knowing what you need to do is important.

Lastly, you will need to ask what are you currently doing to help contribute to your goal. Are you moving around more? If so that is good because being active is key to burning calories. The things you are doing right keep them, and the things you are not doing right, get rid of. This is basically a behavioral change.

You must change your outlook, your behavior, and your beliefs. This is not going to be easy. There will be a day that you will not want to workout, and that is not the end of the world. But having a plan to get into good shape will put you in the best possible position to succeed.