In short

Many people still have not forgotten about the voting debacle in Florida during the 2000 and 2004 Presidential Elections. St. John’s did not have the same problem during this past week’s Student Government, Inc. elections, that is if you even knew there were elections.

People casually strolled past the curtained instant photo-like voting booths which were strategically placed in the main lobby of St. Augustine Hall and Marillac cafeteria. Students seemed unaware of the fact that the elections which would determine those that embody our ideals were in process. The University did not utilize any of its communication outlets to alert students of the elections.

“I didn’t even know about the elections until I came to work and was told I was working them,” said Marcus Williams, a member of the Event Management Staff. “We have these $50,000 televisions, with at least 17 different slides announcing the basketball games. The least they could do was put information about the elections or the pictures and names of the candidates up.”

The candidates tried their best to get students interested in the elections without turning it into a high school popularity contest. They put on their best pin stripe suits and rallied students. Maybe they should have employed some Napoleon Dynamite tactics and created some “Vote for Pedro” shirts, comic book campaign posters or baked some cupcakes to attract voters’ attention.