The area surrounding Marillac Terrace was brought to a standstill last Thursday when a crane fell into Marillac Hall. Two workers from the outside window washing company were injured in the accident, according to a University press release on the incident.

The two men were treated at the scene by FDNY personnel and taken to a nearby hospital before being released without serious injury.

The accident was caused when the base of the crane, which was being used to wash Marillac Hall windows, collapsed through a ventilation grate on the ground. The crane then fell toward Marillac, landing on the building and causing minor structural damage.

Parts of the building were subsequently closed for the day and some classes cancelled because of “electrical concerns” according to the press release. The area outside of the Cafeteria was also closed off for several hours while members
of the NYPD, FDNY and St. John’s Public Safety worked to clean up the area and ensure that it was safe for students.