The Price of Denim Fashions

The cost of good quality clothing has been climbing in price. Keeping closets filled with the latest fashions could possibly burn a hole in one’s pocket. Denim jeans are no exception.

In their varieties of shades, brands, shapes, and prices, some shoppers prefer jeans to be skin tight, loose, or oversized. The prices of denim have been increasing rapidly throughout the years, but how much is too much to spend on a pair of jeans? Depending on the brand, and style jeans can range from $10 to over $500.

Max and Gino’s in Woodbury, Long Island does not have a pair of jeans under $98 in their store.

Five-year employee Jessica Goodman, 23, has been employed at Max and Gino’s and has seen the trend of expensive jeans increase dramatically she since began working at the store.

“I have watched the price of the same pair of jeans increase $50 in one week,” she said. “When the designer realizes what they could be getting per pair the raise the prices. The sad part is people actually buy it.”

Goodman, however, is guilty of this spending sin, but explained that she receives an employee discount so it is not as bad for her.

Lauren Brunwaiser, 24, has also been an employee at Max and Gino’s for over five years. She now makes jewelry for the store, and occasionally manages the store on weekends.

“I have spent over $400 on a pair of jeans before,” Brunwaiser admitted. “I am not saying that it is sane but I have done it. For me personally it is hard to find a pair of jeans that I love so when I do looking at the price is the last thing on my mind. I usually buy my jeans from here or Lone Star Jeans in Plainview.”

Not everyone agrees with paying high prices for denim. Jami Stevens, 22, thinks that it is unnecessary to spend more than $60 on a pair of jeans.

“I go to Loehmann’s or Century 21 and buy my jeans there,” Stevens said. “Shopping wholesale is the way to do things these days and considering I do not wear jeans all week I do not think I should waste my money I worked hard for on them”

There are department stores like Century 21, Loehmann’s, TJ Maxx, and Marshall’s that sell designer jeans for more then half the originally marked price. Century 21 has an entire section for jeans and carry name brands such as True Religion, Miss Sixty, Diesel, Paper Denim, Juicy and others. True Religion jeans usually start at $260 but could be marked down for as low as $100 in resale stores.

Most college students agreed that $100 is the most that they would spend on a pair of jeans. Abercrombie and Fitch, as well as Hollister have an enormous variety of jeans that usually do not exceed $100. There are some designers that copy the newest styles but sell them for half of the price, such as the brand Plastic.

“There are so many ways to get around spending a ridiculous amount of money on one article of clothing,” said 20-year-old Leanie Cruz. “If people just shopped around they would realize you could find an awesome pair of jeans for $20 the only difference is it is not going to say Seven, or Diesel hidden on inside pocket. But really, who cares?”