How To Pamper Your Pooch

From Manolo Blahniks to Manolo Barknicks, from Tiffany’s to Sniffany’s, dogs are becoming one of society’s biggest accessories since the handbag.

Our little friends have become part of our everyday wardrobe and schedule. The day has come where proud puppy owners are making appointments for their pooches to spend a day at the spa getting royal treatment or at doggie day care playing with their newfound friends. The craze has become bigger and bigger, so big that clothing stores and boutiques for dogs are popping up everywhere.

Some may argue that humans have taken “puppy pampering” a little too far. Some St. John’s students carry them in their bags and treat them as if they were their actual children.

Vinny Guerrera, a senior communication arts major, is one of the few St. John’s students who disagree with this craze.

“I think that all of this is pointless to take time out of your day to dress your dog,” he said. “I do not even think that it is right and my dog actually hates it. Bringing your dog to a spa isn’t so bad though if you have the money- but it could be pricey.”

If a person does decide to cosset their canine, there are several sites near St. John’s where people can do so. Located on Bell Boulevard between 38th and 39th Avenues, Vanity Pups has it all. Not only do they portable two-pound puppies, but they provide extensive product lines to fulfill all of your pets’ needs. Employees at Vanity Pups refer to their pups as “babies” and treat them as newborns by giving them actual baby cribs.

Inside you will find beds, clothing, playpens, toys and treats. (For more information about Vanity Pups you can log into

For students looking to pamper their pups from the comfort of their own homes, there are many Web sites available so that you do not need to leave your home. Based in Syosset, Long Island, Bone Appetit Treat Shop sells birthday cookies, holiday treats and even pizza pies for dogs.

For clothing, has a large variety of clothing ranging from $17.99 to $60. They even offer Cosmo-Paw-Litan gift sets and Muttini Treat Jars, which are perfect gifts for your pet-obsessed friends.

For big spenders, log onto Shoppers will find an array of collars made from Swarvoski Crystals and Italian leather (from $88.40-$181.30). They also offer perfumes and shampoos to make your dog smell fresh (from Ohmydog! $16 to $32).

Junior Margaret Quinn is one of the many who fell into this new dog lifestyle.

“I am crazy about how my dog looks,” she gushed. “I am more into buying matching leashes and collars to match me than clothes. But [my dogs] do have a wardrobe. If I had the money to spend on more, I totally would. All dogs should be treated royally. Both of my dogs have matching St. John’s t-shirts that they wear.”

For those who feel guilty about leaving their dogs alone for a long time there are ways to get around that. It has become increasingly popular for dog owners to send their pets to “doggie day care.” There are spas/hotels all over New York that will take care of your dog. New York Spa and Hotel, which has several locations in Manhattan, determines daycare prices based on a pet’s weight, and are open from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. The spa also offers boarding, grooming, training, veterinary services and message therapy. A doggie boutique is also on the premises.

“I love my dog and I am glad we are finally showing some appreciation to them,” said Colleen DeCesare, a senior psychology major. “If I had more money my dogs would have everything!”

Regardless of whether or not one agrees with pampering pooches, it is safe to say that the trend is ever-growing.