Come together

Though the time of the 60’s rock band The Beatles has gone with the wind, remnants of Beatlemania are still very much alive in our present day, causing ruckus around the world. From timeless songs and memorabilia to Cirque de Soleil’s “LOVE” and numerous Beatle’s events, a tribute to the legendary band has been made. But nothing captures the love for the Beatles more than two extraordinary festivals.

If you have ever wanted to experience Beatlemania in all its glory you now have
your chance with the “Fest for Beatles Fans,” an annual three-day festival located in three U.S. cities: Chicago, Las Vegas, and our very own New York. Each city festival differs a little from the other by the number of guest appearances as well as the activities; nevertheless, it is still a spectacular event. The price range varies from $30 to $100 depending on the number of days you decide to attend.

Starting March 28 and the Meadowlands Hotel, the 34th annual NY Metro Fest will have an abundance of guests ranging from George Harrison’s ex-wife Pattie Boyd, former Wing members, Ringo’s producer Mark Hudson, and several members from the cast of the movie “Across the Universe” such as Evan Rachel Wood and Dana Fuchs.

There are also countless activities to partake in. One can attend the Friday Night Beatle’s 60’s dance party and bop to Beatles’ songs played by tribute band Liverpool while being dressed up in the fashion of the times. One can later pay a visit to the Giant International Beatles Marketplace and invest in unique Beatles items.

The Beatles Museum and Art Contest is another activity that the Beatle Fest is quite famous for. Here there are facts and information about the band waiting to be uncovered by those who enter. Those with interest or talent in drawing can take part in the art contest and qualify to win a prize. Aside from the museum there are numerous artworks by the Beatles on display in the Fine Art by the Beatles exhibit.

The fun does not end there, for one can still attend karaoke nights, watch various Beatles videos in the video room, and see a battle of the Beatles bands. In addition, one can attend a live game show and play around in a recording studio, along with countless other activities.

The Beatles Fest was founded in the year 1974 by Mark Lapidos after gaining permission by the Beatles themselves.

“‘I’m all for it, I’m a Beatle’s fan too,”‘ John Lennon said when the idea was mentioned to him at a New York City hotel room.

The Beatles donated and signed various items to start off a raffle that would lead to the Beatle Fest. After making the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine on October 24th, 1974 the convention gained popularity making it one of the most sought out attractions to the present day.

Aside from the Beatle Fest in the United States there is another Beatles festival in Liverpool, England known as the International Beatles Week Festival. This festival, unlike the one in the United States, lasts an entire week and usually takes place at the end of August.

Though each festival is exceptional in its own way and has its own history of the Beatles music, the band themselves, and the location, there is one thing which holds them together. The glue behind the festivals is the fans who take the opportunity to step back in time and come together for the Beatles.