Safe and secure at St. John’s

Gate Six is the only gate open past 11 p.m. on campus, and requires students to swipe in at the turnstiles. Non-resident students must be off campus by 3 a.m. if they are not registered for overnight visits.

Public Safety is stationed at Gate Six to monitor anyone who comes by the gate, or who attempts to enter.

One thing that could make it safer for students traveling back to campus would be having additional gates open overnight. If a student is coming back to campus from Utopia Parkway, or down the opposite side of Union Turnpike, they must walk all the way around campus, then down Goethals to reach Gate Six.

This can be dangerous late at night for students, because it poses a greater chance to be robbed or assaulted, since numerous muggings have occurred on this road. If students were able to enter the campus sooner, it would take away from the anxiety students feel at times walking down the deserted streets late at night.

Having Gate One and Four open and having a public safety officer posted, students would have less time to travel on unguarded streets.

The more than 60 Public Safety officers are highly qualified to monitor the movement around campus. Officers frequently drive around campus in their marked cars to keep tabs on areas of campus.

The campus is also extremely well lit. There are lamp posts that line the campus, and the lights in St. Augustine Hall and St. John Hall remain on overnight. There are also emergency call boxes dotting the campus for use by students.

Anyone can call Public Safety by pushing the call button if they feel unsafe, or need assistance.

Dormitories on campus have especially tight security. Students must present their storm cards to enter the building, and be swiped in by a student worker or Public Safety officer. Guests, even if they live in other resident halls, must show ID to enter and have to be out by a certain time.

Only the students who are supposed to have access to the buildings can enter them.

There are also surveillance cameras located in the buildings, which are monitored by the front desks in the lobbies. In the townhouses, residents can access the entrance way by their storm cards. Surveillance cameras help public monitor activity.

While Public Safety does their part, students must do their part to keep the campus safe. When students notice suspicious activities, even the slightest, they should let Public Safety know immediately.

Students should also make sure all of their personal belongings are secured, and that they do not walk alone late at night.

That is not because the campus is unsafe, but because it is common sense in any place, anywhere. Students must work together with Public Safety to keep campus safe.