From classroom to bookshelf

St. John’s professor John DiMarco is no stranger to writing textbooks. DiMarco, who teaches classes in advertising, public relations and media communications, recently published his third book, Digital Design for Print and Web: An Introduction to Theory, Principles, and Techniques, which will be available for purchase at the St. John’s bookstore, and on starting March 1.

DiMarco started working on his latest book in April 2009 and finished the manuscript in December. He then went through the editing and proofing processes, and put the finishing touches on online movies that will be available with the book.

“This book is by far most difficult. The book was longer and all the examples I actually produced myself,” he said. “It was definitely by far a more rewarding project now that I’m done with it. I am most proud of [this book].”

The textbook is aimed at students who are learning media graphics and digital design. It marries both theory and principles with digital technique, containing more than 200 illustrations and practical step-by-step how-tos for students to gain experience.

“The book is a teaching tool and innovative because part of what you get is access to 100 online tutorial videos that walk you through the steps in the book,” said DiMarco.

DiMarco said he believes that writing books has allowed him to become a better teacher.
“Another great benefit of publishing books is that you gain knowledge of how to do that and bring it directly to the students,” he said.

“When you are a professor and expert in the field, one way to build knowledge is to publish and give expertise to a larger audience.”

DiMarco spoke about why he enjoys teaching.
“One of the things I like a lot is the students,”he said.

“I find the students are very eager to learn and it becomes very rewarding when people succeed in classes and we graduate them and they become successful in their careers.”

Before DiMarco began teaching at St. John’s University, he worked as a curriculum developer for Canon. He also owned his own design and public relations firm and taught art at the CW Post campus of Long Island University for a year and a half.

DiMarco said he considers receiving his Ph.D. one of his greatest accomplishments.

Last May, he received his Ph.D. in Information Studies from Long Island University CW Post.