New in Music: Ed Sheeran

Isabella Bruni, Chief Copy Editor

After taking a year off, Ed Sheeran is back and brought two songs, both quite different from each other, with him.

“Shape of You” puts emphasis on the forgotten side of Sheeran, the up-tempo and wild side. The song’s chorus hooks you from the first listen, if the first line of the song didn’t do that already, “The club isn’t the best place to find a lover so the club is where I go.” It makes complete sense why this song has already made it up to number one on the charts. In the music video, Sheeran plays a Rocky Balboa-esque character, an interesting flare for the singer-songwriter. Before you know it you’ll be moving your hips to the beats and smooth, yet choppy voice “Shape of You” features.

Sheeran’s classic and most loved sound is showcased in “Castle on the Hill.” This song is a youthful, coming-of-age hit that builds and builds until the very last note. The Ed Sheeran that everyone fell in love with in 2011 is revamped in this tune. The music video shows breathtaking shots of the rolling hills of his hometown in Suffolk, England while an actor playing a young version of Sheeran brings to life those special teenage moments he sings about. His lyrics tell a clear story of memories of him breaking his leg, getting his first kiss and more. The bridge prove Sheeran’s maturity in his writing and making stories personal, “One friend left to sell clothes, One works down by the coast, One had two kids but lives alone, One’s brother overdosed, One’s already on his second wife, One’s just barely getting by, But these people raised me, And I can’t wait to go home.”

If these songs are any reflection of what Sheeran’s next album “÷” may have to offer, then I need it in my life sooner than I thought.