New in Music: “The Search For Everything” Review

Cassidy Seagren, Contributing Writer

After a long hiatus for major fans, John Mayer is back and better than ever. A genius and innovator for our generation, John Mayer is a modern original and a role model for many young musicians. Every album and new track he produces is nothing like the last and he is always creating new work, which keeps his fans on their toes. “The Search for Everything- Wave One” is Mayer’s 2017 attempt to showcase his growth as an artist and essentially blow minds in the process. These four tracks come from the minds of his and the men that helped create “Continuum” (2006), which is widely regarded as Mayer’s best work. The release is referred to as Wave One because it is just four tracks from an impending huge album that is supposed to combine all that Mayer has learned through his 16 years in the business, as well as unveil the most honest and raw sound that Mayer believes embodies who he is as a musician. “Love On the Weekend” was the first single released and the simple, loving tune is a great kick-off to the album showcasing a classic John Mayer sound with lyrical beauty, simple guitar and beat to thoroughly wow and excite his audience for the future tracks. “Moving On” and “Getting Over” are similar to the sounds of “Continuum” with a familiar and Grammy-award winning smooth and jazzy sound. However, “Changing” and “You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me” mirror the sounds of his latest two albums, “Paradise Valley” and “Born and Raised.” These tracks have a stripped sound, leaning towards the rootsy and folksy paths that he took on those past two recent albums. The four tracks he showcased prove that this album will be an extraordinary, yet organized compilation of every sound he has ever released throughout his fantastic and critically acclaimed career. This preview is just the beginning and the world should wait anxiously for the rest of John Mayer’s “The Search for Everything,” to be released and take away the breath of many.