TV Premieres: Nuts and Bolts

Andreina Rodriguez, Staff Writer

In Viceland’s new documented film, “Nuts and Bolts,” rapper and producer, Tyler the Creator, meets up with the makers of his favorite products to figure out how they’re made. He then goes on to recreate his own version of these works in his own vision with help from the actual product experts.


Some features include Converse and Maple Crown as he designed his own One Star sneaker and created his own version of breakfast due to his love of maple syrup. He’s also gathered with those such as astrophysicist, Neil Degrasse Tyson, and Bill Nye to learn about Space and the essence of floating.


This show takes an inspiring step into the mind of Tyler through his process of invention as we discover how creation is developed from the acts of curiosity. Most of all, it encourages viewers to be curious and initiate creativity as it educates and entertains us about the behind the scenes action of imagination and ideas.