Tune in TV: “The Gifted” Starts Strong

Lauren Finegan, Photo Editor

It’s that time of year when new shows premiere and they are put to the test of if they will make it or break it.

The Gifted, showing Mondays at nine on Fox, follows the concept of the ever-popular Marvel Comics X-Men. It revolves around the idea that individuals with special powers, otherwise known as mutants, are dangerous and should be captured.

For just another average family, everything was turned upside down when the parents discover that both of their children are mutants after an incident at the school dance. In order to keep their family safe and hide from a federal agency designed to specifically hunt mutants, this family must go on the run and ask for aid from a group of mutants whose goal is to find others like them and keep them safe.

Now, nothing can beat or replace the X-Men.

It’s not like Batman, where you can have a new Batman every few movies, then get it perfect in the Dark Knight trilogy only to ruin it by remaking the trilogy with a new Batman. But that is not what The Gifted is doing. It is following a very similar path as X-Men except from the start, the world knows about mutants.

From the moment the show starts, it grabs your attention.

This new show will test the bonds of family, friends and just how much a family can take while adjusting to a world they never knew before.

The Gifted will be a show you plan on sitting down to every week prepared for cliff hangers that drive you insane for a week rather than the show done before it even started.