Improv Group Blasts Off into 2018

Rachel Johnson, Staff Writer

If you were on the third floor of DAC on Thursday, Feb. 1, you might’ve heard laughter coming from a classroom and wondered what was going on. The source of the noise was none other than the Bad Astronauts Improv Show!

The Bad Astronauts, SJU’s Improv Club, started the Spring semester with a show filled with short form and long form skits.

The show started with a short form called “The Dating Game.” An actress, picking a “date,” asked each contestant questions in order to figure out who they were. One of the questions was, “If you took me on a date, where would we go?” “North West” answered that they’d just hang out at her house, she’d watch her suckle some milk and then put her to sleep early, “If you don’t mind.” “Kermit” said he’d take her to a nice restaurant, “preferably somewhere they don’t serve pig… or frog.” “The door” replied that it would take her somewhere with lots of entrances and exits. All of their answers were incredibly clever, and I could not stop laughing through the whole skit!

“Pennywise” prompted one actor to tell a story about how when he was a kid, his sister took him to Spencer’s and had him wait outside while she went in. When he went inside, he found himself face to face with a display of Chucky dolls and ran out screaming.

A series of skits followed, each drawing inspiration from the previous. These included two guys finding Phil Collins and Billy Joel in the Amazon, two guys traveling the country with the “noble sword of piercing” on a mission to pierce anyone who wanted to be pierced and an HP Store worker who never takes a sick day because he loves his job so much.

My favorite, however, was a father and mother waking up to find that all their milk was gone. The father started screaming that someone must’ve broken in at night, drank it and tried to murder them. He called the children in and the mother screamed that she drank all the milk! The parents continued screaming at each other about milk and all the other empty drinks in the fridge. The scene ended with the father saying that their son had weak bones and broke them all because of her! Then the son started saying, “Every morning I wake up with paper skin and glass bones…,” and the scene ended. I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t breathe!

They ended the show with a skit called “Do Rap.” One student, freshman TV and Film major, Isaac Morales, who saw the performance said, “My favorite part was the ending when they were rapping and coming up with funny lines that rhyme with the names given from the audience. That was entertaining and a good way to end the show!”

The Bad Astronauts are all talented, clever, hilarious students that never fail to make me laugh at every show I see. Their next show is Thursday, Feb. 15 at 8 p.m. in Marillac 427. If you haven’t seen them perform, you have to go check them out!