Support for Women Behind the Camera

Tribeca 2018’s lineup is 46 percent female-directed

Samantha DeNinno, Assistant Entertainment Editor

Tribeca Film Festival 2018’s schedule has been released and it’s more exciting than ever. Out of the 8,789 submissions, 96 feature length films have been selected to dazzle audiences beginning April 18 through April 29.

Seventy-five world premieres, five international premieres, nine North American premieres, three U.S. premieres and four New York premieres compose the specially curated schedule which includes films from 30 countries.

This year marks the highest percentage of female directors in the Tribeca Festival lineup at a whopping 46 percent.

“We are proud to present a lineup that celebrates American diversity and welcomes new international voices in a time of cultural and social activism,” Tribeca Enterprises Executive Vice President Paula Weinstein said in the press release. “Our films succeed in being both entertaining and illuminating which is what you desire from great storytellers.”

“For our program this year, we have curated a selection of filmmakers whose distinct voices illuminate the world around us. Audiences can choose their cinematic journeys to faraway places or closer to home, to discover unique stories told with audacity and emotion and to get to know heroic, flawed and lovable characters. Our International Competition showcases bold, risky and stylish film voices. These new perspectives, with diversity of tone and approach, may inspire people to expand their opinions and offer some exciting visions of our world today,” Artistic Director Frederic Boyer said.

Why is this important? In 2017, U.S.C.-Annenberg released a study that analyzed the top 100 highest-grossing films since 2007 and found that out of those 1,000 films, only 44 were directed by women.

The statistics for women of color were even less: out of 57 black directors, three were female; out of 34 Asian directors, three were female; and there was only one Latina director.

The statistics can be broken down even farther to career length, age differences, production companies and more.

Tribeca Film Festival’s inclusion of female voices is important, in this time where women behind the camera struggle to have their voices heard.

The lineup is showcasing their skills as well as offering possible financial support in future endeavors. Many of the films will compete for a $165,000 cash prize and artwork from the Artists Award program.

This year also marks the year of the 6th annual Nora Ephron Award, an award that is presented for excellence in storytelling by a female writer or director and rewards $25,000 to a woman who “embodies the spirit and boldness of the late filmmaker.”