The Dragon Prince, a charming yet beautiful addition to Netflix

Eduardo Alfonzo, Contributing Writer

At first, “The Dragon Prince” seems like a typical fantasy show that had taken cues from the worlds of “Lord of the Rings” and “Game of Thrones” with an unique art style. However, through great voice acting, good pacing and a handful of memorable scenes, “The Dragon Prince” is another well-made show from Netflix.


Created by the team behind the acclaimed show, “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” “The Dragon Prince” follows two princes, Ezran and his step-brother Callum, as they discover an egg of the former dragon king, Thunder, that was thought to have been destroyed during the conflict between humans and elves. With the help of Rayla, a young elf assassin, they travel the land of Xadia to bring the egg to the dragon queen, hoping that it would bring peace between humans and elves and end the conflict.


While the story isn’t anything new, the creativity and the charm of “The Dragon Prince” really helps to make it stand out from being just another show marketed towards a young audience.


Aside from great voice acting by the cast, the visuals of “The Dragon Prince” are simply breathtaking. The backgrounds in some scenes are so well detailed that they almost look hand-drawn despite everything being made with CGI. While the frame rate can be distracting at times, it never really ruins anything as the designs of the settings and characters are well done as well as the action scenes.


The music, too, is fantastic as scenes are played out well with certain music scores that range from being dark and heavy to whimsical and playful.


With nine episodes, “The Dragon Prince” is a great show for fans of animation and fantasy.