“Peppermint:” A Not So Sweet Revenge

Priyanka Gera, Contributing Writer

If you have ever had a peppermint, you would know it has a pretty intense, but fresh flavor. However, despite the gender twist in “Peppermint,” directed by Pierre Morel, the plot is cliche.

Films with a family member taking revenge have been common over the years with films like “Death Wish” and “Taken,” and Jennifer Garner gave an outstanding performance, but the story did not feel complete.

Riley North (Jennifer Garner) is happy with her life; she has a beautiful daughter, Carly (Cailey Fleming) and a dedicated husband, Chris (Jeff Hephner), until one day her life is shot down before her eyes.

In a senseless crime of violence, gangsters brutally shoot Chris and Carly. Devastated by the injustice served by the corrupt court, Riley takes matters into her own hands.

She falls off the grid, until the five year anniversary of her family’s death, when she returns to seek revenge against those who wronged her.

Although it was interesting to see Garner return to her action-star roots, as a girl scout mother turned hard core avenging “angel,” critics claim that the director glossed over the heroine’s more interesting five year journey in which she trained herself to the brink.

The New York Times went so far to say that, despite Garner’s performance, the film is a “lazily constructed déjà vu.”

I have to admit that watching a soft-hearted woman turned deadly assassin was quite entertaining.

However, it would have made for a better story if Riley’s five year struggle to change her identity was included.

It was also disappointing how none of her gangster opponents put up an effective fight, considering that they do this for a living.

Nonetheless, “Peppermint” is still a worthwhile one-time watch.